How Much Does it Cost to Import a Car to the UK From Japan

Japanese car makers have proved their mettle time and again, and always come up with ground-breaking cars that have given car owners a sense of pride in owning them. Being the world leaders in the field of automobile technology, people prefer a vehicle of Japanese make over any other; even if it means importing a car from a Japan to UK .


The legalities and formalities associated with importing Japanese cars can be stressful and confusing. However, importing a Japanese car to Australia is considerably lesser than buying a car of Japanese make in UK . In spite of paying duties, taxes and import charges, you can find yourself as the owner of a Japanese car for a price cheaper than what you’d have to pay if you were to buy that car from a showroom. That’s why all imports from Japan is becoming a popular option among the upper middle class and the higher class audience since you can get your hands on the original vehicle brought to you right from the source of origin.

The laws for importing remain the same for everyone. Be it importing a damaged second hand car or the best import car Australia has ever seen, everyone has to get the ‘Vehicle Import Approval’. The ACBPS has made it mandatory for everyone to have the approval in order to get their vehicle released from their possession. All costs related to getting the approval are to be borne by the importer and not the Government. Once you apply for a Vehicle Import Approval after carefully fulfilling all the necessary paperwork, the center takes about 15 days to assess your case and release the vehicle you’ve imported.


From among all the Japanese cars imported in Australia over the past decade, Lancer Evolution has been really popular. Manufactured by esteemed car manufacturers Mitsubishi, the initial 2500 cars were sold within the first three days itself, making it a highly coveted car. This car was targeted at a younger audience who desire high speeds and an engine that cools down really fast since high speeds can make an engine hot really fast. With a turbocharged engine, Evolution has the ability to compete with other powerful cars too. Just as a cautionary advice, the stability control system makes sure that the friction between the car tires and the road is well balanced at extremely high speeds. In case there’s a chance of the car slipping, the stability control system automatically informs the car which then applies brakes.